D.Sevarolli x Maison Doris AW19-20
D.Sevarolli x Maison Doris AW19-20

collaboration AW19–20

D.Sevarolli x Maison Doris

Making use of fabrics and materials produced locally in France through local distribution networks, Daniela Sevarolli has created in collaboration with Maison Doris a series of Knitwear collections.

Inspired by Bauhaus characteristics, where “form follows function” and aiming for the essential, while avoiding all superfluous ornamentation, D. Sevarolli favors straight lines with splashes of colors: red, yellow, blue.

The material – the wool - reflects the essence of the object with minimalist and functional style.

D.Sevarolli x Maison Doris AW19-20

collaboration AW18-19

D.Sevarolli x Maison Doris

For their first collaboration, Daniela Sevarolli and Maison Doris were looking for a single knitted item/accessory.

Daniela Sevarolli imagined an ample piece with simple shapes, where function connects with the style of Maison Doris: timeless shapes, built in order to leave great liberty to the body, adaptable to women of all ages.


Daniela Sevarolli

Daniela Sevarolli is a Designer of Brazilian origin.

After graduating in Fashion Design at the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in Sao Paulo, Daniela Sevarolli chose Paris for residence and continued her studies at Studio Berçot.

Awarded the Maisons de Mode prize, she develops in 2008 her own line of clothing, “D.Sevarolli”. She then joins the team of the Parisian brand ZYGA and specializes in Knitwear by following her designs at the overseas suppliers in China, Italy and Portugal.

Today she continues various collaborations with different brands and trend offices related to women’s and children’s wear - Maison Doris, Galeries Lafayette, Promostyl…

She is also a visiting lecture at IFA (International Fashion Academy - Paris), where she is teaching her knitwear knowledge for students from all over the world.

From her studio/workshop in Palais Royal, at the heart of Paris, and in collaboration with French spinning mills, D. Sevarolli designs and produces pieces knitted with concern for details, timelessness and purity.

Photo © Henrike Stahl